Nothing infuriates me more than people who do not know how to use their mother tongue correctly. 

I may not *look* French enough for you but I sure as hell know how to speak it and write it better than you so f-ck you. 

your blog is super dope! what is your name? what is your story?

Oh, wow. Thank you so much! I love the Internet and I’m very humbled that you appreciate this random clutter of stuff. 

I’m Patricia. This is the one question I never knew how to respond to/was always embarrassed to do so. I was born in Indonesia and then I kind of grew up all over the place (Qatar, Dubai, Tunisia, Singapore) because of my dad’s job (cue severe expatriate third culture kid identity crisis).

Right now I’m studying in France, applying to business schools and masters and LOSING MY MIND BECAUSE OF STRESS.